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You’re Uploading Shorts The Wrong Way 👀 DO THIS INSTEAD (How To Upload A YouTube Short 2023)

Oct 26, 2023 | Content Creation, Reference, Video Marketing | 0 comments

You’re Uploading Shorts The Wrong Way 👀 DO THIS INSTEAD (How To Upload A YouTube Short 2023) – YouTube

(00:00) the number one reason that you’re not getting the views that you want to on YouTube right now is simply because you’re not uploading your videos the right way but don’t worry by the end of this video you’re going to know the exact way that you need to be uploading your content on YouTube right now to get as many views as humanly possible from YouTube shorts in fact this Creator just made the changes to their upload process that I’m about to share with you and gained over 100,000 subscribers in just
(00:21) 30 days and this Creator did the same thing except they gain over 20,000 subscribers more importantly they were actually able to get monetized literally from a single post that they uploaded the right way as opposed to uploading all their other content the wrong way but I do want to warn you if you skip just one part of this video it could actually be the thing that’s destroying your views step number one you need to make sure that you actually begin the upload process from a mobile device way too many of you are uploading it from an
(00:47) iPad or uploading from a PC and it’s destroying the amount of reach that you’re getting you need to upload from a mobile device because then you can actually choose the thumbnail that you’re going to use and if you don’t understand how YouTube shorts work essentially they show up in three places one browse features which is basically the homepage secondly in Search and third they show up on the shorts feed now for two of three of those guess what you need to have a good thumbnail for your content to stick out and for people
(01:13) to click on it and if people click on it you’re going to get more views but for the shorts feed this doesn’t necessarily matter but what a lot of you are mistakenly doing is ignoring browse features in Search and that actually accounts for a ton of different traffic on YouTube so by doing that you’re literally cutting the views that you could have gotten by like 70 % for example I recently uploaded this video right here and literally just my thumbnail is the reason that I got 100,000 views more than one of my
(01:37) competitors and 50,000 views more than the other competitor and this video continues to get thousands of views every single day and it’s been like that for a few months now and I’m going to guess that it’s going to continue to happen in the future because nobody’s actually made a better video with a better title a better thumbnail and a better piece of content and if you begin changing your strategy to think like this and upload your content the right way the same thing could happen your views because it’s easier to get views
(02:02) on YouTube right now than it ever has been before so to get started here’s what you have to do all you have to do is click that plus sign in the middle of the YouTube app and from here you want to click create a short and then you’ll be able to choose the file you want to upload now remember most viral shorts on YouTube are between 12 to 15 seconds 24 to 30 seconds and 55 to 60 seconds so if you’re not outputting shorts that are in that length you’re probably doing something wrong and on top of that this
(02:27) is going to be topic specific so just because 12 seconds video on one topic worked doesn’t mean you should make all your videos 12 seconds instead you should actually be doing the research you need to do the research for the topic you’re about to post about and figure out the best length of that post because if you don’t understand how this works essentially people that watch Minecraft videos watch 60-second Minecraft videos or 30 seconds or 12 seconds and guess what each one of those different lengths has a different
(02:54) audience size so if you choose the wrong length for your content you could drastically increase or decrease the amount amount of people that you’re aable to reach and this could be having a huge impact on how many views you actually get so once you’ve uploaded your video via a mobile device now you need to put in your title and for right now this could just be a placeholder and remember you should never be uploading a title that has more than three hashtags I mean YouTube literally says in their terms of service that they wouldn’t
(03:18) recommend uploading videos with more than three hashtags because it decreases the ability for them to use those hashtags to find the correct audience and remember how YouTube actually works when you upload a video to YouTube especially if you’re a small channel YouTube is going to seede your content with a specific audience if they do not like that content your content’s not going to get continued to push out and one of the ways that you can affect which audience YouTube is actually seating your content with is by choosing
(03:42) the right hashtags and by doing two other things I’m going to share with you later on this video which are going to make a huge difference if you’re not reaching the Right audience right now so after putting in your placeholder title right there what you’re going to want to do now is click on that little edit icon that’s going to allow you to choose a thumbnail now remember you can’t choose a random photo for the thumbnail it needs to be something that actually shows in the video so when you’re
(04:03) creating your video you need to be creating a scene that you think is going to be a good thumbnail and remember the best way for you to actually determine what type of thumbnail you should be creating is by typing in the title or typing in the topic and seeing what the other thumbnails look like and make sure yours is better ideally you’re going to want to be invoking curiosity or showing something that gets to the point of the title or what they could expect to come later and makes them need to click on
(04:27) that video because if somebody doesn’t need to click on your video they’re probably going to click on somebody else’s from here you want to click on visibility and you want to schedule the video for some date far in the future don’t make it today don’t make it tomorrow cuz it could potentially mess up one of the later parts that we’re going to add in this video and also you want to make sure that you do not put it as unlisted or put it as private I know a lot of small accounts have been doing
(04:49) that and it could potentially be decreasing the reach that you’re getting because those two are really only used if you want to share a video with somebody and never want to set the video public or if you want to run the video as an ad and you don’t want it to actually show on your YouTube channel or you want to put it on a course or something along the lines of that so please don’t use those features as a placeholder so now what you need to do is head over to your desktop or your laptop CU there’s a ton of other changes
(05:13) you need to make to this piece of content but first I need to make sure that you actually have a good title for your short this is a stage where a lot of people mess up if you’re just choosing a random title or you’re not putting a lot of effort or thought into this it could be destroying the amount of views that you get because it’s the biggest signal to YouTube of who they should pushing the content to now what I strongly suggest you do is use a tool like vid IQ and I want you to use it for two reasons one they give you daily
(05:37) ideas based on your channel based off of the post that I’ve done well and your competitor’s content or just the people on YouTube that are posting other content that’s similar to yours on top of that you can use their tool to do keyword research so you can search for something and actually determine the best keyword to put in your title that’s going to maximize the amount of views that you’re getting and on top of that if you click into it you’ll be able to see all the trending videos and this
(06:00) will show you the scripts that are working the formats that are working the titles that are working and so much more that’s going to make you a way better YouTuber if you don’t already have vid IQ I strongly suggest you go to the pin comment below and sign up today it’s just $1 for 30 days and to be quite Frank it’s going to be the best $1 that you’ve ever spent because it’s going to make you a way better YouTube Creator and they will literally create your titles tags and descriptions for you
(06:25) okay so now that we got the phone part out of the way and you’re using vid IQ now to come up with the best titles tags and descriptions we need to actually add that in your content so now what you’re going to do you’re going to want to add your title I know a lot of people out there are saying use titles that are less than 55 characters long yes that’s great for entertainment stuff but for Education stuff it might not be the best in fact the majority of videos that have gone viral on my channel actually have
(06:48) titles that are a lot longer than 55 characters so don’t hold yourself to that but just know 55 characters might be the only thing that shows up and from there I need you to write a description the description should ideally be 2 to three sentences long it should have the keywords that you have in your title and it should basically just be a description of the video please make sure if you’re going to use hashtags you put them in the title and you do not put them in the description I’m going to share with you later the best hashtags
(07:13) to use for your specific Niche but first I need to make sure that you’re choosing the right tags now when it comes to tags your tags should look like this essentially all you’re going to do with tags is you want different phrases that are relevant to the video and you want to fill up 450 to 47 five of the 500 characters I see a lot of people go all the way to 500 I see a lot of people stay below 50 neither of those things are going to help you and you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right
(07:39) title choosing the right description choosing the right tags but we can’t stop there because YouTube just released a new feature that you need to be adding to your shorts and it’s going to Skyrocket the amount of money that you make on YouTube the time it takes you to get monetized and ultimately how many views you end up getting now that next feature that you need to make sure that you’re adding is a related video YouTube Just came out with this if you don’t know YouTube got rid of links on shorts
(08:03) they did this to combat spam and to combat fraud but now what you can do is add a related video and you could do this for three different things one you could change all your related videos to your latest long form piece of content to drive more people there so you make more money and get monetized quicker the second thing you can do is set up a sales page or a sales video that’s going to be unlisted and then drive everybody to that or third you could drive people to your other shorts in fact the more views that you get per viewer on YouTube
(08:31) the higher the odds that they’re going to continue to push out your content we can’t stop there because there’s one other thing you need to make sure that you do now that your video is done it’s completely uploaded you’ve done everything right you put the titles the tags the description the related video now what you need to do is publish your video or schedule it for a future date and from there you need to go to the video you need to leave a pin comment that’s going to be getting people to
(08:54) subscribe or getting people to watch more of your content because if you’re not doing that you’re missing out on views in addition to that if you’re not choosing the right hashtags in your content it could actually be the thing that’s killing your views so check out this video right here where I tell you exactly what hashtags you need to use for your specific Niche and how many hashtags you should be doing

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