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LIVEGOOD: Artificial Intelligence Training, “How To” Get Leads

Nov 14, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing | 0 comments

LIVEGOOD: Artificial Intelligence Training, “How To” Get Leads – YouTube

(00:00) all right everybody Welcome to My AI live it is Tuesday November 7th I am excited for today we’re going live on Facebook and a couple of things we want to cover first if you want to watch the replay of this event of course you can go over to Facebook go to the official nail site group where you will find that uh recording all all we stream all of the events over there so you can find all of the replays over there make it super simple not a ton of uploading or trying to find the next place or trying to find where that video is we all go to
(00:37) one place for the videos okay first things first so covered that next what is my AI live well first of all I need to know if there’s any new people here so if you are brand new will you please put a one in the chat for me so put a one in the chat and if you have been here before I want to see a five so ones is a fellow from ital’s here yay okay so fives if you’ve been here before ones if you are brand new I want to make sure to keep an eye on my one brand new people and I also want to see all my fives so Adrien Hanks
(01:18) welcome I am so excited to have you here today we see Carl coming in ah we got a ton of fives here Cheryl and Harry and Jimmy and I IP ad I know iPad’s not your name but welcome iPad Jimmy’s here fantastic so let me know where you’re coming in from also would love for you to tell me I know we’ve got California in the house we’ve got Italy in the house where else is everybody coming in from Atlanta I know Kathy’s on the west coast as well we’ve got North Carolina in the house yay Carl Dee is in
(01:56) Longmont Colorado we’ve got New Jersey we’ve got austral Australia we’ve got Maryland fabulous all right well let’s get going today first of all for our brand new people I do want to make sure that you understand what’s going on here but before we do that for those of you who do not know me my name is Elizabeth luren I am a personal and business transformation coach and entrepreneur I have been training on social media building online through blogs and social media for 10 years all together I have
(02:30) built very many multiple successful businesses doing this and most of what I have built has been online and it’s been but been by building relationship it’s the one thing that moves the needle the most we can have every gimmick and everything else but I’ll tell you when you build a tribe people stay with you and for those of you who are in network marketing that’s super important because your tribe staying with you your level of retention of your business is the most important thing that you can have in
(03:02) your business retention is everything so when you’re acquiring new people or when you’re building these relationships by building these relationships you are going to be able to build a tribe and that tribe as long as you take great care of them will stay with you right they’ll be a part of your life they’ll want to be a part of what you’re doing and that’s what’s so great about what we’re doing here so what are we going to do first we’re going to go ahead and show you how amazing the my AI
(03:32) system is for building on social media and really nurturing those relationships that you have through social media also through your posts after that what are we going to do we’re going to take you with a five minute timer and the reason that we do this timer is because we want you to go out during this time and actually make a post and we don’t want you to just sit here and just be observers because it’s great when you go to an event but if you don’t put into practice what you’re learning then it was just an event right
(04:07) and so we want to make sure that we actually get you into practice that we get you into action by posting on social media at least one platform if not more now what do you do after that after that we’re going to come back we’re going to Showcase a couple of your posts if you want your post showcased I want you to put the link the URL link to your Facebook your Instagram into the chat if you’re friends with me on Facebook or you’re already following me it should be easy enough to find but if you’re not
(04:37) I’m going to need the link because some of you have common names and there’s like thousands of people with that name and so it makes it a little difficult to find and we want to be able to Showcase as many people as we can then we’ll have a great uh we’ll have some Q&A questions I know we had some people yesterday who wanted to talk about some uh some subjects so we’ll bring them up as well um to ask questions so we can talk about building on social media and creating those amazing relationships so first things first
(05:07) we’re going to go ahead and go over to the nowsite platform and I’m going to show you how we’re going to start this and so what I want to do is I’m going to share my screen okay now when you first log in to now it you are going to see this right here you’re going to see your daily checklist you’re going to see messages about customers underneath of you you are going to see all the Social Media stuff you’re going to see contact profile settings uh all of these different things now on this demo
(05:48) account now you’re going to go ahead and come over here to post on social media now if you’re brand new Adrien you will train your AI first so if you have haven’t trained your AI it’s going to look something like this with questions it’s going to ask for your job tile what you drew to you drew you to this Ro role uh any upcoming events plans or anything like that things that you like interests that are important to you for me teaching and training uh rewiring the brain mindset relationships personal
(06:22) development healthy eating goal setting um hiking boundaries walking keto all these different things now popular figures o for Winfrey Tony Robbins ber Brown Joe despenza you know all these different people that I like and I follow then once that’s done you’re going to be coming back over here to social media right post on social media it’s a threep process so easy post on social media comment on your post reach out to your followers and then just rinse and repeat so we’re going to start off with posting on social media and
(06:58) when you do that you can see that there’s several different options that you have you have caption and suggested image you have caption my image now caption and suggested image is when you don’t have the image but you do know what you want to write about okay so if you know what you want the post to be about but you don’t have an image for it but you do want an image this is what you do and the AI will not only write the image for you but will also give you an image to match that the next one is
(07:30) caption my image so that is when you have a photo that you already want to use maybe you took photos of an event maybe you took photos of dinner or food or friends or sunsets or a selfie or or something else your family kids whatever it is You’ got caption my image and so that’s when you want it you’re going to describe the image of what that image is and what you want the caption to be about you do not ever put put your image in for it to look at it you only tell it what the image is about so it’s of your
(08:07) kids you could say the images of of my three kids um if it’s a food the dinner I made tonight just describe the image and then it will write a great post for you next is caption my video caption my video is when you have a video maybe you have a real a Tik Tok a YouTube video something that you want to create create a video you’ve made a video and you want the AI to write a caption for it now again you do not put your video into the system for it to read you’re only describing your video and writing out
(08:42) what it is that you want so maybe it’s a video of you playing in the park with your kids maybe it’s a video of an event you’ve done maybe it’s a real maybe it’s a Facebook live that you’re going to download and post somewhere else whatever it is you’ll put your video in there and then you’re going to say what you want the caption to be about now LA and remember this does not give you a video either this is when you have your own video already then you’re going to go to short text only posts short text
(09:12) only post is what do you want the post to be about you’re just gonna it’s not going to give you a um it’s not going to give you a photo or an image it’s just a short text now this is really great when you want to start conversations very quickly on Facebook hey I’m going to be in anybody in the Salt Lake Area hey what what are you guys doing for dinner hey I need dinner ideas tacos or burritos hey going on vacation can anybody help with suggestions very quick way to start conversations in the chat so in those
(09:48) comments because remember it’s the comments that you want to create conversation in so you can take that and go over to messenger and message the person and continue the conversation through Messenger and then as you continue that conversation through Messenger of course you want to move it to a phone call FaceTime Zoom something like that where you’re actually having a real live conversation okay right here is long post and suggested image this should have just been called the Elizabeth button because
(10:22) like Adrian Adrian Chanel’s nickname for me is war in peace because I love a lot of words everything I write it’s along the trainings I do it has a lot of value to it so I love the long post with suggested image this is great when you want to do like tips or showcase yourself as an expert uh write a blog things like that so long post with suggested image could be things like give me three tips in living more in peace three tips of building better on social media three tips on uh great vacation planning you know whatever it
(10:57) is you want those tips to be about last but not least is the surprise me button that’s what we actually showcased yesterday so the surprise me button you use that when you’re not inspired you woke up and you’re like I am not inspired to do anything and that’s okay you know everybody has days like that but the thing of it is is that on those days that you that you’re not inspired you’re more than likely probably not posting on social media on those days which means you’re not consistent and consistency is
(11:29) King in everything consistency in the way we show up on social media consistency in our relationships consistency in the our dmos or daily method of operation all of those are important so when we do when we don’t feel inspired we don’t know what we want to write about any of that we’re going to click the surprise me button and with the surprise me button you are going to get an amazing post just like we did yesterday and we showcased some of those as well so today I’m going to do a short Texton
(12:03) post and it’s going to be hey I am going to be in Salt Lake this weekend what do you [Music] recommend that I do while I am out there okay of course my nails are making it too much for me to tight okay so I want something to the effect of that and I’m going to Showcase what that would be like so if you’re going on vacation and you just want some quick suggestions you want some quick things you could do something like this and you would get a recommendation of what that is and I actually misspelled that so that’s okay
(12:54) I’m sure the AI is going to catch that for me so when you click G generate what it’s going to ultimately end up doing is it will go through everything you’ve already put in there it’s going to go through your posts it’s going to go through all of that so it’s going to do all of that for you and then it’s going to make a great post so this one uton bound reminds me of when I first started traveling to various Landscapes to gather experience that grow as a person can’t wait to discover more about Salt
(13:23) Lake City fellow Nomads what your must do list in Salt Lake City looking forward to your recommendation now if that is too long for you I want you to showcas see this right here this is your editor and you can actually fix spelling and grammar you can make it shorter you can make it longer you can change the tone you can change the language let’s see what happens when we make it shorter so let’s make it shorter and then we’re going to regenerate now REM look and see right here your post may appear slightly
(13:55) different that when published that’s new there right right heading to Utah this weekend excited to explore Salt Lake City fellow Travelers any must do suggestions for Salt Lake City now I want you to come over here to Instagram this is going to be different it’s going to be a little bit longer and just it and it’s going to be wrote for the Instagram audience your LinkedIn is going to be a little bit different and X again a little bit different from there it’s right the AI is writing for your actual things okay for your um for the
(14:37) platform that it’s actually being posted on so we’re going to go ahead and come over here to Facebook when we do that we see Jordan Adler there which is hilarious and then we go heading to Utah this weekend excited explore Salt Lake City any fellow traveler fellow Travelers any must do suggestions for and this is an easy way to start a a conversation just click post and boom now one thing I do want to show you though on here is that if you wanted to you could do the color background again remember that since
(15:14) most of you have been here before what I will do is I will take out the hashtags and now that purple comes back up now I’m going to post both of those because I want you to see the difference uh let’s do this one we’re going to do the orange no we’re going to do this one we’re going to do the purple and red okay now I’m going to post now I want you to see the difference between those posts when you are doing a short text only post you can have this one right here which kind of like Fades into the background when
(15:47) you see pictures of Jordan atler with a giant B of sushi right or clothes or Cali Tea Garden or uh people getting married or hey that’s my sister in-law it’s her 30day anniversary I’m going to have to reach out to her okay so so what I recommend if you’re going to do a short text only post is to do one with the colors on the back of Facebook if possible because you will get more traction with this than you will with the plane okay so there’s today’s demo we’ve got five minutes to
(16:22) go and do something on social media now I you’re fine to do a a surprise me post you can do a long post you could do a short post you could do a caption your own image perfectly fine most important thing is that you go and post on social media unless you’re driving like Steve bastrom is then you’re going to keep your eyes on the wheel and your hands on the wheel Steve so let’s go ahead and do the five minutes when we come back put your numbers in the chat of how many posts that you made and what we want to
(16:56) do I’ll showcase that to you in a minute Sandra uh I’ll come back to that and show you again so let’s go ahead and do our posts real quick let’s get those done when we come back I’m going to Showcase a couple of your posts please let me know raise your hand if you want to be showcased today and please put the link in the chat or if you’re if you’re not friends with me already on Facebook or have followed me then I’ll be able to easily find you okay and you if you don’t have
(17:21) your last name in in your um in your name on Zoom put your link in the chat so I can actually pull up your thing so because it’s very difficult to find with just your first name all right let’s go ahead and get going we’re going to have a great time I’m not going to play the music because I just found out that it will mute the video in certain countries for licensing things so we’ll be silent for about five minutes with a shown timer so we can get going all right let’s see how many posts did we actually
(17:53) do today if you did a one put a one if you did two put a two in in the chat if you did a three let’s put a three if you did a four let’s put a four nurjan did four fantastic Deanna did three fantastic Kathy Foley with one Fantastic Sam with four fantastic Sandra did one fantastic Patricia no Patrice did one fantastic Cheryl did two Kelly did one Jim did one Carl did did four wow um now remember one is a win as long as you’ve done one you have done the day okay now let’s go ahead and let’s see Ariel did one great
(18:39) job Ariel Isabella did three Adrien Hanks did one adrianne’s brand new so one post fantastic and Cedric did one wonderful wonderful wonderful okay let’s go ahead now we’re going to Showcase a couple of posts and then Ariel uh I want you to ask your question today so we can also covered that as well so let me showcase a couple of posts first but please make sure you raise your hand so I can find you easily all right we’re going to go over let me take a look here first we are going to come over here to
(19:13) Brandy first hey Brandy good morning dear good morning how are you today I I’m doing okay I I I’m I’m struggling I’m struggling because I I W to post sales things because that’s my old habit but I’m having trouble with the with the the newer post so I put up two post today one is H just a a a way to start conversation and then the other one is of course the sales post I’m just I’m getting a little confused okay well let’s look at your two posts here first you when you did this post right here the feeling burned
(20:00) out on posting what what did you what kind of post did you ask for I didn’t I just wrote it that’s my my post my words so you didn’t use the AI oh yes I did but basically it came out exactly what I wrote okay so what I’m asking it a little beier okay let’s let’s try this Brandy did you ask did you do a surprise me did you do a caption my image so you did a caption my image yes what did you tell it that you actually I did actually I just did a short post and I found my own images okay so what did you ask for
(20:44) what did you say that you wanted I wanted a post about what do you do when you get a little burnt out perfect perfect so let’s go ahead and start there feeling burned out on posting don’t worry it happens to the best of us take a break and recharge your creative batteries focus on self-care activities like Garden cooking or even maybe some crochet remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your social media preference what do you what do you do to unwind so do you like to crochet
(21:18) oh yeah do you like to Garden of course do you like to cook I’m an excellent cook wonderful did the AI actually pull things that you were really good at and that it that it did it right and yes like you yes yes okay perfect then the AI did exactly what it was supposed to do fantastic now your photos here are fabulous I’ll tell you your photos here make you look inviting it makes you look welcoming it makes you look like a person that somebody might want to have a conversation with or a relationship with so I this is a fantastic post now
(21:57) this is wonderful it is an absolutely wonderful post so congratulations Brandy all right let’s go ahead and go over to Deanna hey Deanna hey there let’s go ahead and showcase your post real quick Instagram and Linkedin uh Facebook do Facebook where where’s your post since you did you put it in the chat for me oh I’m sorry that isn’t me well that’s not ah so my latest post isn’t coming up is this it right here there it is perfect all right so first of all congratulations on such a straight plank
(22:45) yeah thanks that’s awesome okay so did you do a caption with my own image or Capt yeah that’s what you did was caption with my own image yeah that’s right perfect okay looking for a time efficient workout planks are a quick and effective exercise that can be done almost anywhere without need for equipment they provide a full body workout in a short amount of time here are three other benefits you gain when you do a plank core strength improved balance and increased flexibility now the flexibility part I
(23:23) did not know so that’s awesome holding a plank for 20 to 30 seconds is a great starting point as you get stronger you can gradually increase the duration give planks a try to day enjoy their many benefits your body will thank you they can be a great way to start your day at home or away for more energy anywhere during the day what do you like about planks please comment below and let’s Inspire one another um I love this you know what question I almost might have asked though this was a this was actually a
(23:56) long post oh okay yeah that makes more sense with the three things you know what question I I I almost might have asked at the end just because it might have been fun to find out I might what do you like about planks that’s a great question but I almost think I would have added at the end of that what do you like about planks or if you do don’t do planks why not oh yeah that’s a good one thank you I’ll do that I can change that because if somebody doesn’t like planks they they won’t comment on your post and
(24:29) you won’t start conversations with them but if somebody doesn’t like planks and you put say or if you don’t do them why not and then you’re like uh well I would write okay I know they’re really great for me and I know I should do them but gosh it’s just so hard to start out or something like that and then you end up with a conversation being able to help somebody that may actually go off to messenger and to a phone call or a zoom or something that’s good idea now that I I do have uh I did post in the blog
(25:01) seven seven good good um what What U plate is for but we’re not supposed to put links in so I didn’t I didn’t talk about my blog what do you do about that perfect if you want to take it over to a Blog what I would personally do um if you put the com if you put the link in here it does tend to take the algorithm down it just you know and and that’s what Ray in and everything else and so many people have taught so what what I would do though is if it’s a Blog hey want to learn more click first comment
(25:37) in the link first comment the link is in the comments or uh for my blog or something like that you know something to the effect of where they could go does that make sense so so say it again it went fast want to learn more what should hey want to learn more read my you know blog of blah blah blah whatever your blogs about I don’t know what your blog’s about but read my blog on this health concept or whatever it is that you want uh you can find the link in the first comment below okay good so you could give that one a try if
(26:16) you want to get people over to the blog wonderful good thank you you’re welcome great job all right I know Ariel’s got a question and we’re going to hold that one for a minute we’re going to Showcase one more post uh K did you have a post today is it colinda colinda did you have a did you have a post or a question today uh I think they’re busy talking let’s go over to Vicky Taylor Vicky did you have a post or a question today let’s try that again hi Annie yes I’ve got a question I did a post I
(27:00) put it in the um the link in there I did a short text and I want to do a color background I don’t know what I did wrong okay so colored backgrounds it only allows you so many characters so what I would do is you have to make it even shorter than this um so what I would probably do is calling all travel enthusiasts looking for the absolute best hotel recommendations for Dubai help or something like that so I would shorten it down even more if you want to use the color thing because if you want to use color remember remember right
(27:45) here this is where the color thing is so I think Sandra asked where the color thing is when you open up Facebook here’s where the Color Picker is and I can put red I can make purple orange I can make like fun little things I did the color but for some reason when I went to put the the text and then I taken out all the Emojis I even that’s because you still have too much text there okay you have to shorten it down even more but take it down and and it’s usually something like it’s a like a short statement and a question
(28:21) and it’s really super short so just take a little bit more out go ahead and try it again but before but if it takes the color away let me see if I can grab this I don’t have my other one let me see if I can show you right here real quick um so if I come over here and I post this and if it goes like this now why is it letting me have that much length that’s weird Facebook should not be letting me have that much color so I don’t know why it is letting me do that because oh there there it goes and then the color
(28:58) goes away because I have too much stuff so if if you end up going and the color goes away just remember you have too much open it back up and then go like that and then post and then you should have your color give it a shot and then see how that works for you okay honey all right great job okay let’s go back over to Ariel because Ariel had a question that we wanted to cover today hi Ariel hi how are you today fantastic fantastic today I I am fantastic how are you fantastic too wonderful all right so let’s
(29:40) question okay um well I had two question my question number one was yesterday I was trying to find a way to uh to do to get in touch with people that are following me or people they like my my posting so I didn’t know where to go so I’m going to leave this page so when you come over to your followers you’re going to see your followers right here so if you have uh so do you see on your Facebook page you see post about followers or do you see friends a follower okay so click on followers and then you’ll see all of
(30:24) your followers down here okay and if you want to reach out to them you would just click on somebody and then you can send I don’t know why my internet’s running so slow today you can add them as friend or you can message them on their page does that make sense Ariel yes perfect great question thank you you’re welcome great question all right let’s go back on over to clinda and see if she’s ready now hia hi sorry I I have a guest with me on here today that um is interested in the company so I’ve been trying to talk to
(31:14) him about some things as well hi there nice to meet you nice to meet you so I just took him back to nowsite and I just got it up and going yesterday but I actually have made a post but this is our question we we submitted the post but it didn’t go anywhere so do I is like do I automatically get connected to Facebook or how do I get this to go to my Facebook so it’s the steps that we showed earlier where like I’ll do a surprise me right now just so and then so once it comes up you have to click the little red button down at the
(31:55) bottom get started yeah and and then if you’re downloading a photo that screen’s going to pop up from your computer that you have to click save so you download the photo and then you have to click post that little square that comes up there’s a PO there’s a square that comes up that says post you click on that once you do that if you’re on Facebook on here it will say you know the four icons at the top are Facebook Instagram LinkedIn and X okay I didn’t pick that so it’s automatically defaulted to
(32:30) Facebook okay but you you have to decide whether it’s going to go to Facebook LinkedIn Instagram or X once you hit get started and post it will open up that platform as long as you are logged in so let’s go ahead right here right wow sometime I’m sorry sometimes I’m amazed with this AI does it just did something that I talked about how did it know it’s like this is so crazy so let’s read this real quick reflecting on this profound quote by Dale Carnegie inaction breeds doubt and fear action breeds
(33:12) confidence and courage it’s so true the longer we stay in in action the more fear we have about getting into action so this shows the impact that stepping out of our comfort zone has in our confidence and courage as someone who has personally worked on overcoming my own insecurities I can definitely attest to this truth this is fabulous okay so the very first thing colinda is we’re going to come over here and we’re going to click get started when I do that it’s gonna pop up this um this thing that
(33:40) says post to Facebook yeah and then I’m going to go ahead and just download the photo anyways and I’m going to click right here to post do you see the post right here yep I did that part okay now it opens over to Facebook okay I didn’t this part didn’t happen Okay so it should have opened up Facebook if it doesn’t for any reason you’re gonna go ahead and just go open up a browser to Facebook manually you know like you normally would if you weren’t even playing with your AI the way you went to
(34:16) Facebook before okay just open up Facebook and then right here where you would normally post just click on that and paste and your quote should be right in there or whatever it is that wrote that’s so you actually got to this well it it came up with this part um what do you want to say but then I didn’t know what to do with it okay so you’re just going to click in there and you’re going to paste your uh what it made for you in the AI over because you didn’t have to copy anything you don’t have to copy any
(34:50) of it because it’s automatically copied to the clipboard of your computer okay so now you just come over here and you just paste upload the photo that you want to use with it and you’re done click post and you’re done okay because I love what it created it was wonderful well go back over there and then just hit get started and work through each one of those steps and you should have your post here real quick okay can you do that real quick and I’ll stick around some questions yeah yeah absolutely oh we’re all about getting
(35:23) into action yeah okay so I have to go very slowly on no no no that’s okay you take your time what I’m going to do is I’m going to answer some other questions while you’re doing this and then we’ll come back and check on you but but go ahead and do that now while we’re all here so you work through each one of the steps because once you get the steps down this will be a lot easier it’s just those first couple of times doing it it just seems a little you know unsure and stuff but once you
(35:51) get through the steps I promise you it’ll be much much EAS that’s why I brought sarab uh on board here I’m trying to sign him up to it but he’s going to help train me fabulous fabulous the hey techy people in your life is always a great thing let me tell you so go ahead and do do the process right now I’ll answer a couple more questions and we’ll come back and see how you’re doing sounds good thank you hey you’re welcome hun all right let’s go over to Ted next hey Ted how’s it going Elizabeth hey
(36:26) everybody hi it’s great to see you hi uh just quickly um and you actually had that demonstration up on the last call where you had the you had the short um post and then underneath that was the picture so my question is as you go from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn and so forth it’ll give you the same picture but it’s got a if if you transfer that picture over to your computer to to download it are are those pictures different for each one of those platforms meaning the image is the same but imization the same or is the size
(37:04) everything yeah everything’s the same so it once right so all you gotta do is download that picture one time and then go to the different platforms yep cool that’s all I need right thank you you’re welcome Ted thanks for being here today and thanks for your question all right let’s go over to my friend Carl uh yeah I did the lightning round today with uh you know uh all four posts yeah but I was curious to see it said Instagram Instagram I was curious to see it actually see it so when I was done I
(37:39) went to Instagram log in and you know I couldn’t find it for some reason um you can’t find you the did you post it yeah yeah it said it was shared it was sh shared shared on the now site but when I actually went to Instagram uh I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t see it did you click create post on Instagram so if I come over here and I hit share screen and I come over here to Instagram did you actually hit create post over here on the left yeah yeah okay and when you did that did you upload the photo yep yep I’m in I’m I’m
(38:21) I’m used to the way that it works the photo goes first and then the commentary okay um but and then you clicked actual Post Yeah and then let me see let me search for you is this your post oh there it is yeah there it is but it’s just in that form what do you mean in that form well there’s no commentary I I commented on myself that’s my own comment but I didn’t see the uh the commentary I saw the saw the graphic image but it doesn’t look like you actually pasted the comment in or the uh thing in there okay so what I would
(39:00) do is do it again hit create upload the photo so if you hit create upload the photo yeah I don’t know why this is working so slow today there’s something going on with my internet so do the photo hit next okay next yes and then right here is where you have to actually copy the um the everything there so you have to right click there make sure the words are there first before you hit share and then your com and then all your commentary should be there okay all right I’ll give it a sh give it a try
(39:35) again right here while we’re on and see and then you can delete the other post uh okay give it a shot all right you got it okay love you Carl thanks all right let’s go over to Sam hey Sam hey Elizabeth hey what what’s your question today well I tagged you uh from yesterday’s post I was the last one on on yesterday’s post but I actually wanted to share one that I did this morning which is it’s a pretty amazing post give me one second here um one of my computers uh is I don’t know it’s having challenges today
(40:22) um my post I tagged you actually I tagged you a few times so you probably see a couple tags on your thing it was a gentleman um with a sign help I created a 3D version of it uh homeless gentleman it says having a goal is the first step to success one of my goals I am working towards is to help those in throws of challenging circumstances find security and stability realizing this goal involves providing housing opportunities for the homeless victims of trafficking and youth aging out of the Foster system what’s a goal that you’re striving for
(41:02) let’s chat about it in the comments I like it I like it um this this is a hard subject I know it is um and and the reason I say this the reason I say this is not that I not that I’m saying not to do this I don’t know if what’s a goal that you’re striving for is inspiration when you see a picture like this I feel like honestly I wouldn’t comment on this post because I would not want to talk about my aspirations and dreams when you’re talking about homelessness so I I actually wouldn’t
(41:41) post on it now I think this subject is important a different question may be you know because I was in the foster care system I came from all of this kind of stuff I mean as a kid this when I tell you my life what I came from to today it’s it’s dramatic so for me when I see this it’s like it seems like it should be more about a post and a conversation about how we help these people what what what we’re doing for this than it is about goals and inspiration and I think this is a really really good conversation for all of us
(42:17) of having a picture that matches the context of the type of conversation that we want to have so if we’re talking about something like you know um if we’re talking about inspiring people to think about their goals and what are the things that are most important to them and stuff like that and the focus is on them and their inspiration then you’ll want to use a photo that’s inspiring for them to think in that direction if you want to talk to people about helping the homeless problem helping the housing
(42:49) opportunities helping with that then this is a great photo for that but the combination together may not get you the results that you want in somebody talking about their dreams and aspirations because when they see that they may feel like wow I feel bad for even wanting what I want and they won’t comment on your posts at all okay I I edited a little bit I said I’m working towards um I am working towards to is to help those in throws of challenging circumstances right find and stability I I I realize that Sam but the picture
(43:25) creates an atmosphere it’s your picture like everything’s visual for us right like it’s visual like what we watch on TV and everything else what we see inspires us to an emotion that picture will inspire to a different emotion and it’s not the emotion of I’m gonna dream big about being a millionaire in now site got it I understand you know so but great picture great post I would just suggest that if that’s the post and the picture you want to use make it a conversation about how we can help this
(43:57) problem as opposed to inspiration yeah I’m adjusting it I’m also going to go back into uh our system and and re askk it a different way I love that I love that and and this is an important subject absolutely and absolutely I mean as I said you know I I I came out of that as a child so I I get let me tell you it’s close to my heart but I also know that when I see that I would I would never put my dreams on there I would never ever put my there just because of the emotion with the picture got it got it yeah I um yeah I I suffer
(44:33) from ad so sometimes uh when I do things I have to take a step back I just fixed it I’m going to work on uh adjusting it I’ve been add since third grade so I I promise all we can overcome anything including including that you know exactly what was you know you you talk about kids who age out of the foster care system Martina used to work in the foster care system and uh helped kids with that you know we have coaches that we’ve raised up who have uh dealt with foster care and stuff like that so very
(45:07) one of my passions it’s one of my passions for my real estate business yeah me too it it’s such an important thing so so Sam thank you so much for sharing your post and sorry to be a downer no I don’t no not at all I don’t think you are I think this is an important subject and I think these are the kinds of conversations that creating on social media that’s helping us be able to build the tribe with that we where we have the shared values and the things that are important to us so this is an important post important
(45:39) conversation never be sorry for that absolutely it was perfect and and it was a perfect Doorway to talk about photos matching what you want the conversation to be about so got it I’m thankful you shared I appreciate you I appreciate you Sam thanks for being here today you’re welcome all right so we are done for the day I do have a hard stop and you have got an amazing meeting next in the next five minutes so in the next five minutes Cheryl is going to take over this Zoom so you’ll want to come back to nows.
(46:11) online she has got she’s going to do an overview demo of the whole system she is going to help you understand the system the email campaigns the websites all the other terrific things that have happened uh colinda if you are still here will you raise your hand real quick did oh there you are did you get it now this time did you follow the process and get the post can you hear me yeah sure can yes yes but we had to actually paste it right you do have to paste it hun oh I thought you said no cutting and pasting
(46:41) I thought you said it automatically uploaded no no no no it does not automatically upload the photo and it you have to it comes automatically onto your computer so you don’t have to copy it but you do have to paste it okay gotcha yay we got it all right two posts yeah fabulous you did twoo all right everybody give give colinda a big round of applause been a so long painful process that’s okay I promise you gets easier like you this great guy he’s gonna sign up because he’s got this case so he
(47:18) needs to promote this y all right great job all right well as I said come back to nows. online in just a few minutes Cheryl’s going to do an overview of the entire system email campaigns websites everything else you definitely don’t want to miss that have a great day everyone now come back remember we do this Monday through Friday we have a different demo we have different questions we have different aspects of building on social media and all of that and you all have a wonderful day I love you all I’ll see you tomorrow everyone
(47:49) bye

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