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Reels that Get Views in 2023 (50,000+ views with MINIMAL WORK!)

Oct 26, 2023 | Reference, Video Marketing | 0 comments

Reels that Get Views in 2023 (50,000+ views with MINIMAL WORK!) – YouTube

(00:00) if you want to know which types of reels get the most amount of views with the least amount of work then you gotta watch this video Let’s dive into it the first type of reel to post that will get you a ton of views with barely any work at all is to repost your past top performing content it is so simple that it actually sounds stupid but listen up we actually had this post that went semi-viral about six months ago and we decided half a year later to repost the exact same content same sound same video maybe different caption and a different
(00:31) cover banner and we notice that after reposting it that post outperformed our typical content pieces so what can you learn from this well good content is good content and the thing that you should know about algorithms is that when you put content on platforms like Tick Tock and Instagram the content depreciates pretty fast kind of like a car the moment that you post it after a few days after a few weeks you’re going to get less and less views over time and that content piece will no longer resurface this is very very specific to
(01:01) algorithms like Tick Tock and Instagram and so to make the most out of the content that you put so much effort in every six months or so do an evaluation on your past top performing content pieces and see which ones you’re willing to repost so that you can test and see whether or not it will still drive growth to your account in our case this post still outperformed our typical content pieces even though it’s not necessarily a new piece of content and if anything this type of post is actually driving growth into our account
(01:31) and the best part is is that I didn’t have to do any work in order to repost it other than actually reposting it to my page and so if you are sitting on a lot of content pieces that have performed well in the past this is your encouragement to resurface those posts and see if you’re still able to squeeze as much lice out of them as you can the second type of reel to create that will get you a ton of views with barely any work is to do remixes what this means is when you see a Content Creator’s post that’s doing pretty well
(02:01) you want to hit those three dots and see if you have the ability to remix that post remixing basically means that you’re able to react to that post and so for example I saw that Erica culber created this post where she revealed the amount of money that she made on each social media platform that post alone for her did extremely well and I thought the content piece would be really valuable to my audience and so instead of recreating my own version I simply remixed it and I filmed my reaction watching this video and then I shared it
(02:31) to my audience to my surprise this posted incredibly well if anything it actually outperformed a lot of the content pieces that I usually do and the best part is is that I did not even have to create any content other than filming myself watching the video and it was the easiest content piece that I’ve ever created in my entire life other than my first tip which was reposting previous content and one of the best things about this strategy is for any content piece that you find fascinating your audience will likely find fascinating as well and
(03:04) so if you’re able to share the content that you’re enjoying with your audience while still be able to rack up the views and comments for your own account if you look at my posts we not only got tons of views but we also got tons of likes and tons of comments as well outperforming my typical content pieces and so if you notice that there’s a Content piece within your Niche that’s going viral or that’s doing really well instead of trying to recreate it for yourself or instead of trying to copy that Creator
(03:31) just simply see if that creator has the remix feature turned on and see if you can actually remix their post you’re going to be able to capitalize on their viral content and get tons of views and reach for yourself the next type of reel that can get you a lot of views with not that much effort is compilation reels what it looks like is you find a trending song A trending audio piece or an inspirational audio piece and then you basically have a ton of videos and a ton of photos that you compile to create the content it looks
(04:02) something like this and what I love about it is that you don’t have to talk you don’t have to dance you don’t really have to film yourself doing anything if you have a lot of past content videos photos and whatever that you can put together that’s already the content and all it takes is for that reel to go viral because of the audio that you used now obviously this might take a little bit of research as you go through the reels explore page and find good audio but overall these are pretty easy to
(04:29) create and Instagram has actually made it a lot easier for you by creating the reels template feature what you have to do is you go into your reels Explorer page click on that camera button so you create the reels and then hit templates you’re able to scroll an archive of trending sound sounds where you can actually have a template on how to create the video Once you click that template it will show you the exact time stamps that you can put your Clips in all you have to do is Select those clips and it’ll automatically put those within
(04:56) those timestamps and you’re going to have a fully created content piece I’ve done these myself and they have done extremely well and they are so simple to create so if you want to save time and also get a lot of views then make sure you take advantage of the reels template feature moving on to the next type of reel that’s extremely easy to create is green screen reels what this looks like is you want to go into your archive and look at any quote post or Carousel posts that performed really well in the past
(05:25) and then what you’re going to want to do is when you create your reel you’re going to want to select the green screen button so that you can create content like this where maybe you are reading off past performing content that was in a carousel format or in a quote format I have done this and it’s done pretty well for my account and the best part is is that it doesn’t take a lot of work because all I have to do is look at old content that I’ve already done and basically read off the page or elaborate
(05:50) on the page remember like I said earlier good content is good content and so if you’re able to take your Carousel or quote posts that have performed well in the past and turn them into real format there’s a likelihood that it’s also going to perform pretty damn well and so if you haven’t tried it already definitely consider using the green screen function and start creating Instagram reels without necessarily Reinventing the wheel now moving on to the next type of reel to create that will get you a lot of
(06:17) views without a lot of work and that is quote reels they look something like this every time I post them on my account they typically perform really really well and so the first step that you want to do is make sure that you have videos that you can post this can be stock videos for instance you can go to pixels and then search up any video and download it or you can do what I like to do which is filming a lot of hyperlapses of my day whether I’m working doing a photo shoot or whatever and this is what a hyperlapse looks like
(06:44) you can download the hyperlapse if you want to create videos that are similar and so that’s the first step the second step is you want to make sure that you have your Twitter post and so what I’ll do is I’ll go into Twitter and I’ll type in my quote or whatever I want to say and then I’ll screenshot that and crop it so that it’s a square or a rectangle now once you’ve screenshotted and you’ve cropped your Twitter post you want to go into your gallery and copy that post next you then want to go into to your
(07:13) Instagram reels editor and upload the hyperlapse that you have from there you’re then going to want to hit paste and now you’re going to be able to paste that Twitter image then you have your quote post it was so easy to create and I didn’t necessarily have to talk to camera do any dancing or film myself with anything other than those hyper lapses which I compile on a daily basis anyways because I always know that I’m going to be creating quote reels now once you’ve done that you then want to
(07:42) layer on any trending music that you might have saved and by the way if you don’t know how to do this all you have to do is go into your Instagram reels explore feed and if you see any audios that have this pointing arrow that basically tells you that it is a trending audio and so what you want to do is you want to click on that audio and then add to favorites now when you start editing your post you’re able to access your saved audio pieces that you can easily put in your content and so that’s basically the simple steps of how
(08:11) to create quote posts and they give me such a great return on my time because again I don’t have to show my face I don’t have to do anything and because I’m layering that trending audio on top I’m able to get a lot of views and a lot of reach from not only my followers but my non-followers as well and it definitely helps with fueling growth to my account now moving on to the next real idea for you that will get you more views than usual and that is talk to camera organic reels what this looks
(08:41) like is something like this we’ve actually experimented with content that is a lot more highly produced versus content that was filmed with my iPhone and we found that the one filmed with my iPhone outperformed the ones that I filmed with my professional camera and so make sure that in your content strategy that you’re still creating organic content that is native to the platform and what I feel made these content pieces perform extremely well was a few things number one have a really strong hook because the first two
(09:11) seconds is going to matter the most most number two make sure that your reel is about 30 seconds or less I have actually experimented with this and any time that we go past Max 40 seconds we notice that the Reel doesn’t perform as well not only this one thing that I noticed that has worked extremely well is also changing up the scene and so even though I’m talking to camera sometimes I’ll switch the scene and I’ll actually draw something on a notebook like this to further visualize what I’m trying to
(09:40) explain I noticed that every time that I do this my reels have performed a lot better than usual and then the next tip that I have to make these reels perform really well is to still make sure that you add captions you can do this with platforms like the script like cap cut like vdi o or you can even use the caption feature on Instagram like I’ve done here this also works equally as well but all in all if you’re going to be doing talk to camera videos like this my biggest recommendation is to keep it
(10:07) as organic as possible and also making sure that it’s 30 seconds Max and making sure you have those captions in place this will guarantee the amount of views that you get on your reel the next time that you do a talk to camera video now moving on to the next type of reel to create that can get you some views and that is repurposing your long form content if you are a YouTuber or you’re a video podcaster or maybe you’re a coach that does a lot of Zoom calls my recommendation is to clip those into 30
(10:37) second clips that you can repurpose and repost onto your feed now there is a really easy way to do this especially if you do not have a video editor and that is using something like diss script so with the descript software what you can do is you can upload your full YouTube clip this is an example I have right here it’ll automatically transcribe it so you can easily see what specifically you want to clip for your Instagram reel so for instance if this is the only section that I want to clip from my Instagram reel I’m going to highlight
(11:08) that and then right click and click click to composition and hit new what it’s going to do is it’s going to separate that clip for that specific section that I had wanted now from here you’re going to want to click this video setting button right here and hit portrait mode now you’re going to have the right orientation for Instagram reels you’re now able to also drag this as far as you want to fill as most of the screen as you can now from here the cool thing about this script is you can
(11:36) click this plus sign right here and then choose the option fancy captions now when you add fancy captions it’s automatically going to add the captions to the video and then from here you’re able to play with the font size the font type so for example over here I can select a whole different type of font and then you can add fill colors and active word color animation so for instance if I wanted to make this red I could then make it like this overall descript is a really great option for those of you who want to
(12:08) easily turn your YouTube videos into short form content like Instagram reels and I highly recommend it for those of you who may not have an in-house editor helping you with your video editing now so far in this video I’ve given you a few Instagram reels ideas that can get you a ton of views but if you want to take your content strategy to the next level I highly recommend that you watch this video here where I not only give you even more content ideas but I also show you my exact content strategy on how I create and post my content so
(12:37) thank you so much for watching this video but I will see you in this one next [Music] thank you

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