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The ULTIMATE STRATEGY for LinkedIn Content Marketing Step by Step

Nov 19, 2023 | Content Creation, Reference | 0 comments

The ULTIMATE STRATEGY for LinkedIn Content Marketing Step by Step – YouTube

(00:00) I was surprised to find out that only 2% of LinkedIn users have ever published an article on the platform. In this video, I’m going to share with you the ultimate strategy for LinkedIn content marketing. Hi, I’m Chris and I’ve been using LinkedIn LinkedIn since LinkedIn started being LinkedIn to generate leads for my business, and I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to do the same.
(00:23) The best part about LinkedIn is that there are 800 million users and many of them are actively looking for exactly what you have to offer. And today I’m going to show you how to use content marketing on LinkedIn so that you can get more followers, get more connections, find more prospects, and ultimately get more clients to grow your business.
(00:43) There are many different types of content that you can create on the LinkedIn platform. These include posts, text only posts, image only posts, native video, live video articles, newsletters, carousel posts, and more. And the ultimate strategy for LinkedIn content marketing is to know what kind of content to use where so that your perfect prospects receive it and step out of the shadows wanting to work with you.
(01:09) And as we get into this, I have a question for you. What type of content do you typically create on LinkedIn? Do you always create posts? Are you always uploading videos? Let me know in the comments below your favorite type of content to create on LinkedIn. Let’s start with LinkedIn posts. Linkedin relies on people like you to create content and have a steady flow of information on the platform to keep other people coming onto the social site and staying there to consume the content.
(01:37) It’s important to remember that LinkedIn posts have a shelf life. They’re going to go by in people’s news feeds and they might only see them for a short period of time. So we want to share content that also has a shelf life. This might be news or a quick tip or a trick, some sort of industry information, or maybe you want to teach something very quickly.
(01:57) It could also be used for updates things that are happening to you in your business or in your life as it relates to your business. All of these things work very well in posts. Each of these is going to serve a very specific purpose. The picture plus text is going to stop people while they’re scrolling because they see the picture and then they’re going to read the text.
(02:17) I recommend keeping text only posts very short so that people see just a few words and they read them without having the picture to capture their attention. And then an image only post that has very little text should make a big impact on the viewer so that they’re scrolling and it just makes them stop in their tracks and see what that picture is about.
(02:38) Next up, we have LinkedIn articles. I was surprised to find out that only zero 2% of LinkedIn users have ever published an article on the platform. Yet LinkedIn articles are one of the most powerful ways to create content on LinkedIn. You can think of a LinkedIn article as like a blog post, something that is more long form, more indepth, and that goes deep into a subject.
(03:02) Linkedin articles are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and your authority, as well as build trust with your audience. My favorite thing about LinkedIn articles is that they are indexed within LinkedIn Search, so people that are not connected with you can find this content when they’re searching for it.
(03:20) And Google will also index LinkedIn articles. So your articles, much like your blog posts, will appear inside of Google Search, as well as an additional bonus, if you’ve designated yourself a LinkedIn creator, you can take your LinkedIn articles and turn them into newsletters. This means that all of your followers, all of your connections can subscribe to your LinkedIn articles, and every time you publish a new one, they get an alert and they get that article delivered right to their newsfeed.
(03:49) I publish a LinkedIn article as a newsletter once a week where I share more information like this. If you’d like to get access to that, you can Google my name and you’ll find LinkedIn right at the top. Or you can find me on LinkedIn and make a connection with me, and I’ll make sure that you get access to that newsletter.
(04:05) Let’s talk about native video on LinkedIn. Here’s what I mean by native video. This is where you’re actually uploading a video to the platform. Native video is not sharing a link to a video that exists somewhere else, like on YouTube. You’re actually uploading a video into LinkedIn. Linkedin has become the Goto platform for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and other professionals to showcase their skills, demonstrate their expertise and their authority in what they do, and video is the perfect way to do that.
(04:36) Using video on LinkedIn is a captivating, intriguing, and magnetic way to get your perfect prospect to engage with you and your content. Moreover, they’ll get to know you because they’re seeing you and they’re hearing you talk about what you do. Loading a video directly to LinkedIn will allow it to play right inside of the news feed.
(04:58) That’s so important because as people are browsing through the platform, they’ll be able to click and play without having to leave LinkedIn. And that’s very important to remember. You can create many different types of videos, from introduction videos to teaching videos like this one, or videos where you showcase your services and perhaps even show a testimonial from one of your clients.
(05:19) One of the most underused types of content on LinkedIn is the Carousel post. In fact, most people don’t even know it exists. In a Carousel post, you upload a PDF or a presentation like from PowerPoint, and users are able to go through the slides right inside the post. The possibilities with carousel posts are practically endless.
(05:42) You can showcase a list you can upload a presentation from a talk that you gave. You can teach something in multiple steps. There are so many different things you can use with carousel posts and all you have to do is upload a PDF or a PowerPoint presentation into one of your posts. I’d like to teach you a STEPBYSTEP process for getting more clients from LinkedIn posts.
(06:07) So that’s the very next training that I’m going to make. Once I make it, I’m going to put the link to that right here. In the meantime, you can subscribe to this channel so that you get notifications. Every time I create a video like this about getting new clients into your business. I’ll see you in the very next training. Bye.

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