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Facebook Reels Not Getting Views? [Do THIS Immediately]

Oct 26, 2023 | Content Creation, Reference, Video Marketing | 0 comments

Facebook Reels Not Getting Views? [Do THIS Immediately]

(00:00) hey this is Dave from unipro in this video I’m going to show you how to get way more views on all your Facebook reels and as an example I’m going to show you some of my Facebook reels and these are targeting a very specific Niche audience yet they’re still getting thousands of views and in this video I’m going to show you the exact strategies that I use and that you can use to make sure that all of your reels get seen by a bigger audience let’s Dive In [Music] so you know that Facebook loves reels
(00:27) you know if you want to be engaging your audience and growing your audience you need to be creating reels but your reels just aren’t getting as many views as you’d like maybe they did at the start maybe the first couple reels you created got a lot of views and then you’ve noticed that engagement and that reach and the number of people who are viewing is decreasing well what the heck some people will say you know just give up on Facebook reels all together go back to posting only on Tick Tock or maybe
(00:49) creating shorts on YouTube no way we know that Facebook is going all in on reels we know that Facebook loves reels in fact let me show you what Mark Zuckerberg recently said in one of his posts he said Facebook just reached uh 2 billion daily active users and he says we’re making progress because of AI Discovery so their Discovery is getting better and specifically reels are a major driver of this so Zuckerberg knows that Facebook reels are going to be a driver short form content is so hot Facebook has to make that a big part of
(01:19) its platform so don’t give up on your Facebook reels instead let’s walk through seven steps that you can take take in order to improve your reels so you get more reach you get more views you get more engagement and you can use all this then to grow your online business so let’s take a look at those seven factors right now the first thing you want to do to maximize the number of views that you get on your reels is to remove any watermarks so I’m going to show you an example here and this happens way too often you’ll see that
(01:43) this person they took their Tick Tock and uploaded it directly as a Facebook reel and it’s still got the tick tock logo here now Facebook it’s really clear that they’re investing a ton of money and a ton of time into Ai and just as their tools get better and better this is going to be so easy for Facebook to detect if it’s not already doing so and as Facebook sees that you’re just taking content straight off Tick Tock and putting it on Facebook how do you think Facebook the algorithm is going to feel
(02:09) about that content well there’s a good chance that your algorithm is going to be decreased and fewer and fewer people are going to see reels that have logos like this on them so make sure you upload a new version of your reel without any watermarks directly to Facebook that’s number one number two you want to post consistently Facebook is really looking for Content creators who are going to consistently be adding value to the platform and who are consistently keeping people engaged on the Facebook platform remember Facebook
(02:34) wants to make money and it does that by showing people ads so if your consistent content can help keep other users on the Facebook platform your reels are going to get seen by way more people Facebook will basically be saying hey thanks for being so consistent with creating this content let me show you how I do this I use a Content calendar here’s my content calendar and you can see in this column for Wednesdays every single Wednesday I create a Facebook reel and I post it on my personal profile now for you maybe
(03:01) you want to do this on a weekly basis like I do maybe you want to do it three times a week Monday Wednesday Friday maybe you want to create a reel every single day whatever you choose in terms of that interval just make sure that you’re really consistent so that you’re training Facebook saying hey we’re here to help you out we’re creating good content on a consistent basis now reward me with more reach and that’s exactly what Facebook’s going to do for you number three if you want more people to
(03:23) see your reels if you want to increase your view use you need to make sure that your audience is full of people who match the niche that would get the most value out of your content what do I mean by that well let me show you an example I’m going to go over to one of my reels here and this particular reel is talking all about Facebook jail you can see down here it says Facebook jail explained well what is Facebook jail Facebook jail is something that basically if you do too much activity or too quickly or you
(03:45) do something Facebook doesn’t like Facebook prevents you from doing certain things on Facebook who would care about this well business owners care about this because they’re using Facebook to grow their business that’s why they’re so active on Facebook in the first place and so it’s really important if I’m going to create a Facebook reel about Facebook jail I need to have an audience who cares here’s how it’ll work for you if you create a Facebook reel Facebook’s going to show that to your audience
(04:08) assuming that the Reel actually matches your audience people are going to start engaging Facebook sees this and says okay we got a winner here let’s show this reel to more people outside of your existing Network who might also be interested and so that’s why it’s so important that you’re building a niche audience who would care about your face Facebook reels now step number four to make sure that your Facebook reels get seen by more people is all about using hashtags and again I’m going to go over
(04:31) and show you an example here so some people will just stuff their content full of hashtags and it actually decreases in Effectiveness the whole reason that we use hashtags is to help Facebook categorize what the Reel is about and so if you create 50 hashtags that’s a lot right that gives 50 different ideas that Facebook has to sort through and determine which one really represents what this Facebook reel is all about so instead what I recommend is that you use three to five really targeted and specific hashtags
(05:00) let me show you an example here so this one is all about getting hot leads on Facebook and notice I use three hashtags I say Facebook marketing online business and online marketing that’s all Facebook needs to know and now it’s going to take those hashtags and say okay this reel is about online marketing Facebook marketing when we see people engaging on content that’s about a similar topic it makes sense to show this reel and therefore this reel will get more views and you can do the exact same thing
(05:24) choosing 3 three to five very specific hashtags for all of your reels step number five to make sure that your reels get more views is by using a hook because Facebook reels are such short form content you only have a split second to get people really engaged to get them interested to make sure that they watch the entire 60 or 90 seconds however long your reel is and so in that Split Second the first second or two of your video you need to give a hook let me show you an example here this particular reel is all about a new
(05:51) feature from Facebook called Facebook stars that lets people earn money directly from Their audience and so I want to make sure that right out of the gate people understand that this is something new that they haven’t seen before how do I do that I create a hook right on the screen it says new Facebook Stars emphasizing this is new so think about how you can do that with your reels as well right off the bat starting with something that hooks people in so they know they’re going to get value that they haven’t gotten before they
(06:17) know they’re going to want to stick around and watch your entire reel as they watch your entire reel as your view time goes up guess what happens Facebook algorithm sees this and it’s going to start showing your real to more and more people and this leads into number six if you want to get more views on your Facebook reels you need to be using a call to action I’m going to show you an example here all of your reels should tell people what to do next and here’s a good example this particular one was
(06:40) very blatant about it this particular one said type eight in the comments and you can see the result here was 63 comments well what does this do this shows Facebook that people are watching this reel care enough to actually stop and take the time to comment think about that that’s a big deal for reels because reels are so quick and they move so fast through someone’s feed for someone to take the time to stop and comment really shows Facebook that what you produced is hitting it’s really resonating with your
(07:05) audience and therefore Facebook needs to find more people like that to show that real too so how do you do this you can tell people to like the Reel you could tell them to leave a comment like I did in Israel you could tell them to reply to a comment that you put in the Reel anything that gets them to engage on your reel is going to boost your algorithm for that reel and get it seen by more people that’s number six now step number seven is actually something that I don’t use with my reels but it could benefit you depending on your
(07:29) Niche so I do want to address it and that’s trending music if the type of content that you’re creating is for entertainment or if you’re targeting an audience that would really be interested in the type of music you’re using it may be beneficial for you to pick a trending piece of music from Facebook reels as you’re creating your reel and use that within your reel so that people who are engaging on other reels that also use that same training song are more likely to see your content now for me because
(07:55) I’m targeting a business audience I’m not so interested in people who are looking for specific types of music but maybe that makes sense for your Niche and if that is you then definitely try adding trending music to your reels when you create them and this could get your reel seen by more people so those are seven steps that you can use to increase the number of views that you’re getting on your Facebook reels now I do want to be fully transparent and let you know that one of the ways that I make sure
(08:14) that my reels are getting seen by the right people is by using a special tool it’s called unipro and if you’ve never tried a unipro before you got to check it out go over to will go out and find your ideal leads and bring those leads over into your audience it’ll help them engage on your content it’ll boost your algorithm so that more people will see your content and even more leads will come your way and unipro even helps you make sales directly through Facebook it’s been an absolute game changer for my business
(08:39) and I know the same will be true for you so definitely check it out at that’s what I’ve got for you in this video if this was helpful to you in any way give this video a like and if you have any comments or questions about the algorithm for Facebook reels and how to make sure that your reels are getting seen by more people and by the right people leave those below I’m happy to help out again if you haven’t checked out unipro definitely go check it out you’re gonna love it go over to
(09:02) it’s really going to be a game changer for your business it’s going to help you grow so much more quickly on Facebook that’s what I’ve got for you in this video can’t wait to see it in the next video

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