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Facebook Reels FULL Tutorial (Ultra-Beginner Friendly)

Oct 26, 2023 | Content Creation, Reference, Video Marketing | 0 comments

Facebook Reels FULL Tutorial (Ultra-Beginner Friendly) – YouTube Transcript

(00:00) in this video i’m going to show you step by step how to use the new facebook reels feature and make high quality content now if you’re not using the facebook rails feature it’s something you should seriously consider the reason being that typically when a social media company like facebook or instagram launches a new feature on their platform as part of that they push a massive amount of traffic or eyeballs to that new feature and that means that you or i can take advantage of this new feature and get a lot of that traffic so if you
(00:27) miss the early days of tick tock or the early days of instagram reels or youtube shorts it’s now the early days of facebook reels and you can take advantage of that step one let’s talk about actually getting to the real section of the facebook app since facebook app has become so convoluted it’s hard to find where you’re at a lot of time now there’s actually a few different ways you can get to reels the first one you can see right here where it says stories i can click reels or rooms so i can go there and i can see
(00:50) other people’s reels or on the far left just like with facebook stories i can click create real you can also see that directly below what’s on your mind the option to create a reel is there clearly they’re pushing reels and then finally if for some reason these aren’t showing up which seems to happen sometimes you can go to the far bottom right in the menu and there’s another reels option right there so we’re gonna go back to home right here we’re gonna click create real and this is the screen that it’s
(01:12) going to take you to now something you need to understand before we get started is that some of the edits and the things that you’re going to do like effects on your video they’ll be done ahead of time before you film and some of them are done after the video or after you film so we’ll let you see which one is which as we go along here now you can see here where it says length okay this is where we select the length of the video and we have three options 15 30 or 60 seconds now i usually just select 60 since it
(01:36) doesn’t have to be the length that’s selected it can be however long you want up to the length that you select so we’re going to select a 60 second video right here next you can see that we’re going to choose an input meaning where is this video going to come from the button at the bottom basically says we’re going to film that video from one of the two cameras on your phone now you can switch on the bottom right back and forth between my two cameras look there’s my desk so you can switch back
(02:01) and forth on the input there or you can select from your current camera roll now i can select this video clip right here but once i’ve selected that clip i can no longer add anything else meaning i can’t string together a bunch of clips inside of the facebook app i can just select one and then move from there however if you choose to make videos from the button at the bottom the recording button you can actually string together recordings let me show you what i mean real quick if i click this button
(02:27) and hold it down the recording button you can see at the top it’s telling me how much time i have left in this recording but now i can pause and let go i can change over to the front camera if i want and i can record again and it’s going to start right where it left off you can see now it’s saying i’ve got about 50 seconds left and counting and you can see each of those circles is a break so as long as you’re holding down that recording button it’s going to be recording and it’s going to start from
(02:49) wherever the previous recording ended up to 60 seconds now you may have noticed a lot of people doing reels where they’re actually singing along with content and music and things like that and the way they do that is on the top where it says audio you can select the audio ahead of time which means the audio will play as you record and that’s how people are able to sing or make sounds directly with the audio as they go now the way the audio works you can preview different songs by clicking the play button here we’ll show you right there
(03:14) you can also save different ones that you like for later and it’ll be saved just by clicking that little bookmark right there and once you have one that you like then you would click it and it will add it to the mix now since most songs are not the exact length that you need you can take this bar and actually scroll it back and forth and figure out where it is in that particular song that you want the clip to be pulled from so i’m going to choose just from the very beginning for the sake of the tutorial now that we’ve done
(03:39) that we’re back to our main screen and we can continue recording but you’ll notice as i click record it’s going to be playing the song as well so that i can record myself with the music we’ll see that right here [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah that’s not really my style on facebook reels the next thing you need to know is the speed editor right there so you can see it says speed and what that means is i can actually ahead of time choose if what i’m filming wants to be played faster or slower than i’m
(04:09) actually filming for example if i select point three right here then when i film it’s actually going to be playing what’s recorded in slow motion so watch when i click record right here you’re going to see that timer at the top go really really fast because it knows that whatever i play is actually going to be one third as fast on the screen or it’s going to be about three seconds for every one second of recording and i can do the same thing in speed meaning three times the speed whatever i film it’s going to play it
(04:34) three times as fast moving down we can select effects ahead of time meaning i can select uh click effects and then it’s got all these different little things that you can do to yourself that in my opinion are quite nonsensical but do quite well on both facebook reels and tik tok and the last two options are the timer and green screen timer is very easy let’s pretend you want to do some kind of cool trick or something like that and you want to set down your phone run out and then have it start recording
(04:56) you’d click timer and you can choose 3 or 10 seconds and then you can also say only record for 30 you know 30 seconds 10 seconds 5 seconds however long you want it to record click set and you’re good to go and then last you can also do a green screen and all green screen is is i can select this i can choose a different background for myself here you can see that was very very easy to do or i can choose it from my actual camera roll and i can choose a background like this very very very easy now once you’ve
(05:19) filmed as many clips as you want for example right now if you look in the top left you can tell i’ve filmed two clips once you have as many clips as you want and you’re still under your time limit you click next now clicking next will take us to the post filming editing section but it’s worth noting that if i do something like add a sticker or any other editing and then i click go back it will actually discard all the changes so i can go back to add more clips to the end of my clips but you will lose
(05:42) all the changes you made in the post editing phase at that point now some of them are very similar for example we can edit the audio once again at the end if we want something different you’ll see here though after you click that is that you can actually mix the audio meaning you can push more volume towards your voice or you can push more volume towards the actual music and make kind of a nice balance in the two different sounds they’re hearing you can also click add voiceover right here and then you can record a voiceover over
(06:06) different sections of the video as you go you can also make edits to individual clips meaning when i click edit clips right there you can see i’ve got two different clips at the bottom one’s five seconds and one’s three seconds i can click into either one of those i can make trims if i started talking too late or something like that or i can reshoot it or do any of these edits at the bottom like change the speed change the crop do a reverse or a mirror now the last thing is probably these stickers
(06:28) right here and you can see right here i select stickers and it’s just different fun things i can add to the video i can also add gifs or emojis and kind of add a little bit of fun pizzazz to what’s supposed to be fun videos now as soon as you finish this and you feel comfortable with the video that you’ve created you can go click next and now all you’ve got to do is add some kind of title to your video that’ll get people to watch it you select who you want to be able to see your video i never know who uses most of
(06:52) these options i typically just go public but then last is the remixing option now this is kind of cool and i typically leave it selected it’s very similar to tick-tock duets but essentially someone out there can watch your video they can say hey i want to make a fun video that’s side by side and we’ll show on the screen here an example but it’s their video plus your video on the other side and it kind of promotes you to their followers as well so it’s just a way to help grow your channel and you
(07:13) can also do the same to other people so all you would need to do is when you’re looking at different reels from different people like this you can see the bottom right there’s three dots i can click it and click remix this reel what that’s going to do is actually put you on one side and they’re real on the other side and you can make a fun little video of you kind of pointing out what they’re doing or adding something to what they’re doing and that’s facebook reels if you’ve used tik tok or youtube
(07:35) shorts it’s very very similar they’ve added some other cool features as well basically learn from some of the mistakes of tick tock all in all it’s a great app and it’s a great opportunity right now to be getting some really easy traffic to your content now if you’re a creator and you’re trying to monetize content this is the channel for you don’t forget to subscribe and thank you so much for watching

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