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(00:00) which actually brought me in sales I think I made like thirty thousand dollars off this one TikTok video which I was not expecting I’m like okay I cracked the code baby we we figured it out this is working when I first started doing this I said oh yeah this is it this is the money right here this is the money right here oh TikTok likes this we’re gonna keep doing that all right they’re asking how to clean it she’s a Savage look look it’s no comparison [Music] what’s up boss babes welcome back to
(00:46) another video y’all this video is going to be amazing if I do say so myself and I’m not just saying it because it’s me okay we’re gonna be talking about TikTok um I haven’t done a lot of videos on TikTok so this was necessary I’m all the way over here because I’m going to be sharing my screen on my phone very soon and basically telling y’all exactly how I have accumulated over 90 000 followers on TikTok and over 10 million views in less than two months it actually took me approximately 43 days
(01:20) to do this and I am literally going to tell y’all exactly what I did no catch literally just giving the T it is 10 things that I can honestly say completely accelerated my growth on TikTok and y’all can do these exact things and see some growth it doesn’t matter what your TikTok is about at all you can apply these things and I’m about to give it to y’all and we are going to do these in order of what truly truly truly set the tone and made a difference on this TikTok account so I’m going to
(01:52) save the best for last obviously so let’s just hop into the video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and let’s get started all right y’all so this TikTok account is my jazz on yay account this was the account that I was using basically for the same type of content that I post here on YouTube educational content around e-commerce and online business and things like that so I want to show y’all my old videos first because as you can see I was not getting a lot of views like it just wasn’t
(02:20) hitting and I wasn’t consistent either so what I started out doing at first was I took clips from my YouTube videos and were just repurposing them on TikTok and I wasn’t seeing a lot of traction doing that and then I had one video Hit and it hit over 50 000 views so I was like what set this video apart and it was actually the content that I chose to put on TikTok that segment of the video is what grants people attention so that’s when I quickly learned that TikTok is all about the hook it’s all
(02:50) about those first few seconds if you can grasp people attention that’s how you win if you don’t have your notebook out yet I need you to get it out now all right because I’ll be moving pretty fast I don’t want this video to be super drawn out for no reason so as y’all can see kept repurposing the content from YouTube I would say about I played around with the time about 30 to 60 seconds to kind of see what worked and it just wasn’t doing it for me so I got off TikTok I was like this is not
(03:16) worth my time the views were low only in the few hundreds and it was not getting any engagement really so girl I just I just let it rest until I noticed when I switched it up a little bit just by studying the platform y’all I love to study things okay I’m gonna study it all and I noticed that there were certain types of videos that would always do great numbers if they followed this specific formula so I tested it out so y’all can see my old content now let’s get into the content that it was
(03:47) actually working which was the remainder of the content that I posted I have literally hit millions of views on the video hundreds of thousands of views on the video for me I view TikTok as a lead funnel my goal is not really to convert people from TikTok is to lead them somewhere else to convert them you get what I’m saying so let’s get into the top 10 things y’all that I did that completely grew and blew my TikTok up and I’m actually not even on TikTok right now because I don’t have an answer for you so the
(04:19) first thing I want to mention is I focus on trendy sounds okay so I knew that this was basically like a cheat code because if a sound is already performing well and people are already looking it up and people are already utilizing it that’s just basically giving yourself a head start in terms of engagement on the video so most of my videos on here the initial video was just a trending sound with words on this screen so let’s talk about the words on the screen every single video has words on the screen and
(04:52) they’re not captions so I wasn’t talking in these videos y’all I was literally just doing the sounds most of the time I’m not doing anything those are the videos I saw perform the best the videos where you aren’t doing nothing perform the best and I’m just like what in the world my first video that hit a million views is sitting at 1.
(05:13) 9 million views now I was literally just staring at an invisible person in my room this video is three seconds long okay now remember how I said the title the text on the screen is so important most people on TikTok are looking for text on screen a lot of people have disabilities so they appreciate when you have text on screen or captions on the screen so when I started noticing this I was like every video needs to have a text on the screen but more importantly than that is I started paying attention to the psychology of the viewer right I in no
(05:46) way shape or forms did I expect this video to hit a million views I think the first day it had 300 000 views and I was like what the hell is going on so my formula y’all I’m telling you I’m giving y’all the tea do you hear me the T I like let’s go let’s just do it the formula I used was to leave it on a cliffhanger a cliffhanger meaning I’m not putting too much into the text on the screen because I want you to comment I want you to be like well how did you do this and how did you do that right
(06:19) that’s that’s the whole point we talked about this a little bit in the video I posted on how to make any amount of money in your business whether that’s five thousand ten thousand twenty sixty seventy eighty we talked about that okay so if y’all didn’t watch that video go ahead and watch that video after you finish with this one but that was the formula for all my videos initially was to use trending sounds and put text on screen that would leave it on a cliffhanger y’all don’t let that go over
(06:44) your head another thing that I did that was really helpful to accumulate more views from my other videos was I utilized the playlist option that TikTok has I think there is a certain amount of followers that you have to have before you can like unlock this feature I’m not sure definitely utilize playlists like if you have a business if you have a brand if you’re just doing funny videos if people are into that type of content you’re posting then they’ll have a playlist of where they can just watch your other videos without
(07:12) sorting through them on your page so that came in handy a lot of people liked that and I could see my views when a video would take off I could see the view for the other videos in that playlist taking off as well just because I had to play with so this next thing I want to mention y’all this is something that I completely saw a difference and the growth of this TikTok account was I was posting a lot a lot okay and I’m gonna tell you how I did this I was posting at minimum three to five times per day and I know you’re probably like
(07:43) oh my God that’s a lot but one thing about TikTok baby you better utilize those drafts you better use those drafts y’all I would literally sit for like an hour to knock out a whole bunch of TikToks and just don’t post them I’ll just save them to the draft so I would always have content I would literally have hundreds of drafts at any moment I had content ready to go and it’s not like YouTube or Instagram where you know every post You Gotta Have Yourself dialed up you have to be dressed up you
(08:13) gotta look cute baby to talk I don’t care about none of that you could film yourself in the same place with the same outfit on 20 times it don’t matter listen y’all get out your head TikTok is not like any other platform you can be you they’re craving that they crave that authenticity so posting three to five times per day took it took it to the next level because TikTok was like oh you’re not messing around you appeared to be serious we got you so I know without a doubt me uploading more
(08:42) consistently on that platform made a difference this has something to do with consistency but I don’t know how to explain this very well it’s more of like a gut feeling and I hope that I can articulate this properly where y’all understand what I’m trying to say okay so I will create these videos right and I will save them as drafts I started to notice that for every third video on that fourth or that fifth video that would be the video that would take off so I almost produced like filler videos
(09:12) If y’all know what I mean like let’s say for example I had a video that I really wanted to do well that wouldn’t be the first video I would upload that day it would be like the fourth hopefully y’all get what I’m trying to say I really don’t it was like more of an intuition thing it would be like all right let’s post our first three videos a few hours apart but this video that I really want to do well we’re going to post that towards like six or seven p.
(09:35) m when people are getting off of work and just kind of utilizing things that I’ve just I just know from experience of the actual day of a viewer right so in the morning times people are getting ready for work or getting ready for school so they’re not as active but around lunchtime and around you know when they’re getting off of work and then around at 9 10 p.
(09:58) m when they’re getting ready for bed and you just sitting in your bed on your phone those are just certain things I just know from experience so I would play around with that as well and we’re gonna get into that a little bit later with the posting times because baby let me tell y’all that’s a gym Jam okay now before I continue y’all I want to tell you that I know a lot of y’all struggle with content creation I get it but for me I love content creation I love coming up with the ideas I love seeing it through so I am hosting a brainstorming session
(10:30) Saturday June 17th at 11 A.M Central and it is very limited I want everybody to have a moment to chime in and we can brainstorm and we can brain dump and we can literally just exchange ideas so if you want to be in that room you can secure your seat at the link in the description y’all it’s first come first served so I would honestly pause this video right now go grab your seat and then come back because if you wait by the time this video is over there may not be any seats left all right so I am thinking about doing this once a month
(11:03) on different topics but this first one will be about content creation and we’ll go from there you better get on your Zoom what’s the TikTok you better get on your Zoom you got to get on your Zoom every morning you got to get on your Zoom at 10. all right y’all so the next thing that I did and I noticed right away made a difference from what I wasn’t doing before is I actually focused on the cover image for my video so you know kind of like Instagram where when you upload a reel you have to choose the
(11:32) cover image and most people don’t think that far you have to think that far y’all so if you’re looking on my TikTok account every single video has words on it so it’s basically kind of telling you either what the video is about or just a preview of that text that I created for that video this is very very important think of yourself when you go on a new TikTok account what makes you click on a video is the image it’s just like YouTube It’s the thumbnail so don’t skip that step it’s
(12:01) just kind of like that that thing that you have to just account for when you are creating the video and editing the video speaking of editing all right y’all let’s get into it so I edited most of my videos inside of TikTok that is another thing I think TikTok just favored my videos because they like you’re doing it directly from the sort so if we talk about the videos that I created using trending sound that was obviously directly from TikTok I needed to use the exact sound that was already trending and you know going
(12:31) viral so I had to do it from TikTok another thing that I noticed is when I would use certain features in the platform that would boost the video as well right so if we look at the first video I have on my page I utilize the green screen I was basically talking about YouTube Automation and how you know how to make ten thousand dollars a month or more with YouTube Automation and I gave examples of different channels and I did this with green screen so that video will perform extremely well that video has 300 000
(13:03) views right now let’s look at the engagement it has 300 000 views 25 000 likes 240 comments and 14 000 saves okay like what and then another video which is my one of my best converting videos which actually brought me in sales I think I made like thirty thousand dollars off this one TikTok video which I was not expecting this video I also did a green screen and I was basically showing my journey of how I first started selling digital products I made a hundred dollars my first month and then I showed the Journey of scaling
(13:41) that to a hundred thousand dollars a month so I did that with green screen that video also has 300 000 views over thirty thousand likes over 300 comments in over 19 000 saves like I’m like okay I cracked the code baby we we figured it out this is working and I always tell y’all you don’t have to do a million things you just gotta test some things out double down on what’s working and forget what ain’t working hello so I already know this okay boom me doing these trending sounds that’s popping off
(14:16) we’re gonna keep doing that when I use features and I edit from TikTok that’s giving me a little boost we’re gonna keep doing that I’m being consistent and TikTok really likes that we’re gonna keep doing that you know so it’s just about finding what works y’all but I’m telling y’all it no matter what you do baby if you do one two three of these things if you all 10 of them you’re gonna be good and I told y’all this happened in less than two months it took 43 days I literally
(14:43) screenshotted my growth one thing about me I’m addicted to the growth I’m addicted to the journey in the process and I love to just document it so I’m going to share that with y’all as well but let’s move on to the number four thing okay the number four thing y’all we getting close to the gym we getting close to the goal we’re getting so close number four is I replied to comments in video forms y’all this by far when I first started doing this I said oh yeah this is it this is the money
(15:13) right here this is the money right here oh TikTok likes this we’re gonna keep doing that and one thing that I love that TikTok has is the option to favorite comments so let’s say you see a comment and you want to respond to it but you don’t want to lose it all you gotta do is favor the baby and there’s a whole section for your favorites and you can see all the comments that you have previously favorited so you can just go back and respond to it when you have the time when you you know filming all your
(15:36) videos and you put them in the draft y’all I’m telling you [Music] that combination baby of utilizing the trending sound y’all happy until the psychology of people leaving them on a cliffhanger don’t give them too much don’t give them too much you don’t have to put everything in one video let that go just on Instagram they say YouTube okay it’s TikTok all right and then replying to their comments with a video y’all the two-piece combo we’re gonna call it a two-piece combo y’all
(16:06) that two-piece combo is deadly do you hear me deadly because when you utilize TikTok’s features they like that like they want you to use the features they made like hello that’s why it’s there you know what I’m saying some of my most viewed videos are literally me responding to comments this video 123 000 views all right so let’s move on to number three I said this video wasn’t gonna be too long y’all so number three is I played around with the posting times what I’m about to tell y’all is
(16:37) going to blow your mind because it blew my mind maybe it won’t blow your mind because I know I’m over dramatic play around with the posting time that video I made my first million view video that’s sitting now at 1.9 million views I posted that at midnight at midnight what I used to do on Instagram two three years ago is I played around with posting time and if you are an OG boss bae you already know this I started posting at 12 o’clock 2 am 3 A.M 4 a.
(17:03) m 6 a.m for the night owls if everybody on a platform hear me out hear me out if everybody on the platform is posting during the day it’s so much noise so much noise and here you come posting in the middle of the night for all the people that’s up for all the people that are in other parts of the world hello there’s your video waiting to be grabbed up I told y’all that first day it got like 300 000 views I was like what the hell remember what I said y’all you doubled down on what’s working so you mean to tell me if
(17:37) I post at 12 I’m gonna get 300 000 views I’m gonna post at 12 again hello hello my most viewed video which is sitting at seven million views was posted at 3 A.M 3 A.M I posted it and one thing about it you can’t schedule posts on TikTok baby you gotta be up guess what I was doing I was setting alarms I was setting alarms wake up at 3am post this video go back to sleep wake up and you got hundreds of thousands of views y’all this is it’s right here I’m not making it up it’s right here
(18:15) you see it hello that seven million viewed video brought so much hate so many trolls but do you think I care you think I care because that seven million view video also has 753 000 likes y’all that’s almost a million likes that’s also a four second video with the text on the screen tapping into psychology are y’all hearing me I’m giving you the juice this may be my favorite video thus far because it can literally change your life this is a video that if you apply what I’m telling y’all you can see results instantly I
(18:51) got a lot of gems on my channel but most of them take work and takes time this ain’t one of them baby you can do this today okay you can be up 10 000 more followers this next week if y’all are paying attention if y’all are taking y’all notes if y’all want this big Bank so that video also has 2600 comments I probably have blocked at least a thousand people from this video though and over 235 000 downloads what I ain’t gonna lie though after I posted that video I took a break I was like oh TikTok it’s too much
(19:31) I know I just like my little hub my people who know me because the other thing about TikTok I’m gonna tell y’all that’s at the end let’s let’s run through the rest sorry y’all y’all know I like to talk so number two we’re getting down to the final two y’all these two things baby change everything you hear me changed everything the number two thing is I was very strategic with my panned videos so you get up to three videos that you can pan at the top of your page and people will
(20:06) just paint anything people a lot of the times people will pin their most viral TikTok like that’s the only like they want you to know I got a million views no baby be very strategic with the pen video so one of my pen videos is a video of me replying to somebody’s comment in a video and she’s commented I’ll be gatekeeping with the info like me jazz on yay Jazz you can’t be talking about me gatekeeper who who who baby who gatekeeper me me girl I was in shock I was like I was seven I was too stunned to speak
(20:46) okay anyways I took that as an opportunity to use my TikTok features and I brought out the green screen yeah and I talked my and I showed my channel gatekeeper who baby I’m the queen of the resources are you serious right now so anyways that is my pen video that video brought me over 9 000 new subscribers okay because it was pinned at the top of my page are y’all picking up what I’m putting down please if y’all are picking this up can I get some gems can I get some hearts can I get some sprinkle sprinkles in the
(21:22) comment like like give me something and let me know y’all here with me right now okay that video has over 82 000 views 82 000 views and another thing I would do is I would promote my panned videos in my other videos so I’ll be like you know check out the pin video for more info so I’m sending traffic every day as I’m uploading new videos y’all get what I’m saying and then another pen video that’s the other one with the Journey of how I you know started making a hundred dollars my
(21:56) first month selling digital products that stayed there because that brought in like 30k for me promoting my products in a way of using the green screen again y’all don’t let that go over your head use your pen video strategically don’t just put your most viral video on there because you want people to know you get views we don’t care about that okay to piggyback off of that another thing I would do is if I was uploading videos around a certain topic like I was talking about YouTube automation for a
(22:26) while I would have one of those pen videos about YouTube automation that you know I may have done a lot of information on it and then my other videos I’m pointing you back to that video raising the views pointing you back you get what I’m saying hopefully y’all understand what I’m saying this would change somebody’s life ah moving on to number one y’all number one I’m really giving it to y’all do y’all hear me I if you have not gave this video a thumbs up I’m about to come
(22:56) through the screen because I see you and I don’t care if you’re on your phone watching from Sephora you better go to the YouTube app okay on your TV okay give this video a thumbs up please thank you that lets me know y’all at least enjoyed it maybe you too lazy to comment that’s fine but you can at least hit that that thumb like be for real the number one thing y’all I don’t know where I first heard this but I saw it in somebody TikTok video I can’t remember the Creator I’m
(23:26) so sorry someone said that the more time somebody watches your TikTok video the more TikTok pushes it out that’s why those videos are shorter than seven seconds perform the best because most people will watch it again and watch it again so that’s two to three views per person so what that tells me little old me is that I need people to watch this over and over so if I’m putting text on the screen hello y’all listen if you ain’t picked up nothing else I said I need you to pick this up mm-hmm
(23:56) what that told me is I’m only leaving texts on screen for three to four seconds at a time so if I’m doing something in a video and I got multiple texts I’m putting on screen it’s only stand up three seconds that first part three seconds but here comes next part three seconds because you miss it you only you can’t even finish reading it that’s what you gotta do watch it over but seriously y’all that’s number one and people comment I can’t read it I’ve been watching three times
(24:25) sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle y’all sprinkle sprinkles so those things is what allowed me to gain over 90 000 followers in 43 days over 10 million views and money was made y’all know I’m gonna get the money so I don’t really care about those numbers we care about that so again if y’all want to get on your Zoom and kick it with me on zoom and we can brainstorm some content ideas for you I need you to go secure EOC Saturday June 17th 11 A.
(24:59) M central time okay y’all have to check your own time zone to see when that is you have to be there you have to be present if you are not available do not get a seat and take that seat from somebody else please please don’t do that because there will not be a replay even for you if you in there there’s no replay so show up on time and be alert and be present I’ll see y’all on Yazoo now another thing I want to know about TikTok is I am pivoting I am moving in a New Direction this is my last year
(25:27) creating educational content so I am already you know planning that transition and I will be transitioning my TikTok so I’m not really sure how this is going to go but so far so good I’m pivoting away from the trending sounds and everything basically that I just told y’all because of the new content I will be creating now there’s more than one way to skin a cat y’all okay training sounds work I showed you please present a pudding baby but other things also work and another thing that really works on TikTok is
(25:56) storytelling and I and I’m too exceed at that as well talk my yeah yeah I love storytelling I love getting people riled up I love waiting for the climax I love just being animated when I talk about things and TikTok loves that so I already have a video on my TikTok account but basically my move out the country I already gave y’all My Little Life Update I do not live in America if you don’t know I actually live in Mexico right now and I basically did a video on that and it performed very well so that is the
(26:28) new type of content that I will be transitioning into and remember how I also said that I was editing these videos inside of TikTok but for that type of content absolutely not absolutely not I won’t be doing it so those videos are edited outside of TikTok I also have another TikTok account that I don’t use nearly as much but I have a video on that one as well that had like a hundred and sixty thousand views and it was also a storytelling like type of video where I was going to get my hair done and I set
(26:58) it up to where you know I knew people was going to think it wasn’t going to come out well and it came out beautifully but storytelling is extremely valuable on TikTok and that is the new pivoted Direction I’m going in and like I said y’all I won’t be editing these on TikTok I’ll be editing them outside of the app so if you really don’t know how to edit if you are a complete beginner a platform that is super super good for beginners is in video I talked about in video in a different video of mine where it was a
(27:24) sponsored video from them but their editing software is literally like chef’s kiss if you don’t know nothing about nothing because they actually give you video templates that you can literally use and just plug in your videos and go from there and you got a beautiful video like somebody professional did it so I’ll leave their information in the description something else that they’re doing I haven’t seen yet and I may do a different video on this because it’s about Ai and I’m trying to talk about AI more but girls
(27:49) just so much to keep up with in the AI space they actually have something I have not seen y’all it’s phenomenal but it’s terrifying because it’s like damn the future is here but they basically have a video editing AI which will allow you to create videos by basically just telling AI what you wanted to do what you want to see in the video they’re light years they have anybody with their technology so I will leave their information in the description y’all I think the AI editing is still on the
(28:15) wait list I’m on the wait list I’m like I need that definitely look into that y’all using video again I have a whole nother video on my Channel about in video and I’ll link that in the description as well I said I was going to show y’all my journey and if you want to see that I’ll just put that here so I literally have an album titled TikTok growth and it was about my TikTok July 2022 I had 104 followers and that was me like I said y’all basically repurposing my YouTube videos and just
(28:43) putting it on TikToks no traction I was doing that for a while getting a little growth a little growth little by little doing that is what got me my first thousand followers and that took about one week to hit a thousand one week one week okay now now if we go to when I decided to switch it up I was hitting five ten thousand followers in days in days it’s like what the hell is going on y’all can just see here how the number is literally just going up one day I went from 3 300 followers to 9 000. y’all can see the date November
(29:17) 16th to November 17th that’s 6 000 followers in one day and you can even see the likes go up it went from 31 000 likes to ninety five thousand likes and then that same day I hit 10K and it went to 103 000 likes and then the next day I hit 15K and then the next day I hit 18K and then the next day 19 day two days later 24K one week later I was at forty thousand y’all this is crazy so yeah it took 43 days and I have not been as consistent because like I said y’all TikTok is just real you know it’s a younger crowd
(30:01) um and it is people who don’t know you and they’re just looking for something to complain about most times and girl I don’t be for all that like I’ve been needing my breaks but I do believe that it was also due to the nature of the content I’m creating because it is about making money and they just perceive that type of content now in such a Negative light which is also another reason I want to get out of this space because it’s like yeah you can sit here and listen to me for free with no problem
(30:28) but the minute I tell you I have an actual class for sale with even more valuable information now now the world is ending it’s just a different energy over there and I’m hoping that with me transitioning more into travel and more into fashion and more into lifestyle content that I will attract a different breed I’m hoping that y’all can stay up to date with my TikTok Journey you know if you want to follow me if you aren’t already that’s fine I’m ending this video y’all it was not supposed to
(30:56) be this long girl I got carried away but I hope y’all enjoyed it nonetheless all the links are in the description and I will see y’all in my next video [Music]

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